CreoKinetics Ltd - Specialist Broadcast Services

CreoKinetics provides specialist broadcast services to achieve advanced and innovative solutions for media productions.

Through a combination of electromechanical design and cinematography, we can overcome environmental and physical challenges, to ensure a high quality end product that meets any client’s creative needs.

We are probably best know for supplying and operating the specialist cameras for The Grand Tour (Chump Productions Ltd). We provide solutions for the in/on car mounted camera systems, a huge percentage of the show is delivered by the presenters to our cameras and its a good showcase of some of our diverse skills.


Why CreoKinetics?

Creo (Latin), translates to create, make. Kinetics basically means movement and energy. These are two words that sum up CreoKinetics Ltd very well, we create and make solutions to give dynamic movement and energy to your production and the films you make.