Jon Shepley

Owner of CreoKinetics


Bio - With a strong background in engineering and a huge amount of experience in specialist broadcast facilities I have become a key member on many of the production I have been involved in over the years. My working life started in electronic manufacture for a company called Corintech in the new forest, an advanced electronics company building equipment for military, medical, aerospace and industrial applications. During my 10 years working there I worked my way up from the assembly department, test department then worked as a member of the design team. I was also responsible for the company IT, running several servers and the entire IT infrastructure. This was effectively an apprenticeship and has been absolutely key in my development for broadcast.

Most people working in broadcast come solely from a creative background which is ideal for some positions, however for the specialist work we do engineering is an essential part. I began my work in broadcast in 2010 and over the years I have gained a broad range of experience, especially on vehicle and person based camera systems. I became the lead on-board camera operator for BBC TopGear and have worked on nearly every episode since mid 2010.

Early 2015 I decided to create my own company, there are huge areas of broadcast where I believe things could be done better with better equipment and processes. CreoKinetics is there to fill that void, with camera’s getting smaller and better, shots are now possible that could never even be considered workable only a few years ago. Even with these advances there is a lot of repetition camera position wise. Were interested in offering new and creative options for productions, including specialist rigging, motion control, remote location systems and remotely controlled systems.

Professional Skills -

  • Camera operator
  • Hot Head operator
  • Motion Control
  • Specialist grip and rigging
  • Electromechanical design/manufacture
  • Programming including; embedded C, basic, visual basic and Labview

Relevant Personal Skills -

  • Hostile environment training
  • Remote location experience
  • First aid, trauma and extraction training
  • RYA sailing accreditation
  • RYA Kayaking accreditation
  • MSA national B rally license

Formal Qualifications -

  • BTEC National Diploma in Electronic Engineering
  • A-Level Electronics
  • City and Guilds CAD

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