CreoKinetics Terms and Conditions

By employing and hiring equipment from CreoKinetics Ltd you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. A pdf or hard copy of these conditions can be obtained upon request.


Standard payment terms:

These are the terms all customers must adhere to unless agreement is reached prior to the start of the project. Payments must be made in full within 30 days of the invoice date (this date is specified on the invoice to save confusion). If payment is not received within this period 1% interest per day will be added based on the total gross billed amount. Payments must also be made before any subsequent shoots take place. If payment is not received within 60 days court action will commence immediately in the form of a CCJ (County Court Judgment) to recover the debt. Payment terms are set out on the quote, if a formal quote is requested. Otherwise once either CreoKinetics has been confirmed on your project, or the project has been completed you have automatically agreed to the terms set out on this page. If your project has multiple shoots then invoices will be issued after each shoot, and each should be paid as per the terms.



CreoKinetics Ltd accepts no liability for "damage" to surfaces where cameras are to be mounted. Often especially on classic vehicles and one off vehicles they have experimental finishes, poorly applied finishes, rushed not fully cured, wraps, or thick layered coats on old vehicles which can delaminate, distort or suffer other kinds of damage. We can obviously not be held responsible unless we are made specifically aware of the issues in advance. All efforts will be made to mitigate against these issues but it is not always obvious until it is too late especially given the often truncated time scales of a location shoot. If however proper care is not taken when fitting cameras (e.g. an item of grip is dropped onto the vehicle) this is of course another issue all together. If there are any concerns about the finish of the vehicle where cameras are to be fitted then this MUST be raised and discussed in advance.



CreoKinetics Ltd are insured by Allan Chapman & James and covers the following:

  • Employers liability - Indemnity cover up to £10,000,000
  • Public liability - Indemnity cover up to £3,000,000
  • Product Liability - Indemnity cover up to £3,000,000

The company insurance covers any member of crew working directly for CreoKinetics Ltd who is using the company’s equipment.

Wet Hire;

 All equipment and personel are the responsibility of the company employing CreoKinetics Ltd. Any loss or damage to equipment or company property as a result of situations outside of our control or as a direct result of the filming undertaken must be either repaired or replaced to the satisfaction or CreoKinetics Ltd.

Dry Hire;

All insurance relating to a dry hire (equipment only, no crew) must be arranged by the production and a copy of this must be provided prior to hire commencing. A form of ID must also be provided in the form of either a UK Full Driving License, or UK Passport which will be scanned and retained for the duration of the hire. In some cases a deposit will also be required; this depends on many things and is considered on a case by case basis.

Any damaged to equipment during a dry hire must be either repaired, or if this is not feasible, replaced by the production or there insurer.