• LiteGear - LED LiteDimmer Hybrid


    Product Overview:

    LiteDimmer Hybrid is a manually controlled, flicker-free LED dimmer. Designed exclusively for use on film, TV and HD Video sets, it offers control of Kelvin temperature along with brightness when used with VHO Pro Hybrid LiteRibbon. Like its little brother LiteDimmer Single, it features an ultra-smooth dimming range using our patent-pending flicker-free circuit.

    Including a 2.1mm barrel input connector, and HyConn output, LiteDimmer Hybrids interface includes 2 knobs, one for Kelvin, one for brightness. These knobs include a hide-away feature that eliminates accidental level changes and assists in storage. An on-off switch allows for cueing and allows for several optional advance modes.
    With the switch in the UP position, LiteDimmer Hybrid will maintain the light level while changing Kelvin temp and will maintain Kelvin temp when changing light level. While the switch in the DOWN position, one of three modes are available.

    • Low mode, that reduces the output by 2 F-stops allowing fine control of low output levels.
    • 2-Channel mode, that allows the Hybrid dimmer to serve as two Single dimmers.
    • Hybrid OverDrive mode, that disregards Kelvin stability and simply provides all available power.

    The LiteDimmer is housed in an extruded, black anodized aluminum case with rubber bumpers that eliminate damage to sensitive surfaces.


    LiteDimmer Hybrid is the most advanced handheld LED dimmer on the market. It is the backbone of LiteGear's Hybrid LED products. Hybrid LiteRibbon™ is designed with both daylight and tungsten LED emitters that when used with LiteDimmer Hybrid allow precise adjustment of Kelvin temperature ranging from 3200K to 6000K. Its simple yet powerful approach to controlling color temperature and brightness sets a new standard of performance and quality while allowing the kind of exibility demanded from lighting professionals. LiteDimmer Hybrid utilizes a unique LiteGear design called DynaRythmic PWM, which allows Kelvin and brightness settings to remain completely independent. This allows the user to lock in the brightness level desired and then dial in a precise Kelvin temperature anywhere in the full spectrum range from tungsten to daylight. All this is accomplished with the condence of knowing that all settings are completely icker-free, tested at camera speeds up to 480 FPS. One LiteDimmer Hybrid is capable of controlling approximately 1,200 VHO LED emitters. This equates to 10 meters of Pro 120-X1 Hybrid and 20 meters of Pro 60-X1 Hybrid. LiteDimmer Hybrid oers a beautiful, full output dimming range from 0% to 100% and also includes dierent modes that allow for greater control of LiteRibbon™. LOW mode dramatically increases the range of adjustment on the low-end, allowing for appropriate level control when working at low light levels. OVERDRIVE mode increases the light output by up to one full F-stop and truly allows for the dimmer to be maxed out. And 2-CHANNEL mode allows LiteDimmer Hybid to function as two "Single" dimmers when needed.


    • Smooth, fully dimmable control dial with hideaway function
    • Flicker-free operation up to 480FPS
    • 3-position rocker switch (ON/OFF/ALT mode*)
    • Panel-mounted input and output connectors
    • Multicolor indicator light
    • Rugged aluminum enclosure with non-scratch rubber end caps
    • Software upgradable as new features are introduced

    Hardware Specification:

    • SIZE: 70mm (2.75”) wide x 36mm (1.4”) tall x 95mm (3.75”) long
    • INPUT: 12/24V DC, (10-30V DC); Input voltage must match load voltage requirements!
    • RATING: 8 amps max. total, 8 amps max. per channel (STANDARD CAPACITY, 8A); 15 amps max. total, 15 amps
    • max. per channel (HIGH CAPACITY, 15A)
    • WATTAGE: 96 watts max. (STANDARD CAPACITY, 8A); 180 watts max. (HIGH CAPACITY, 15A)
    • WEIGHT: 6.016 oz, 171 g (STANDARD CAPACITY, 8A); 6.496 oz, 184 g (HIGH CAPACITY, 15A)
    • OUTPUT: DynaRythmic PWM Does not provide “Current Limiting.” For use with LiteGear products only.

    Software Specification:

    • CODE: Proprietary code written in-house by Motion Picture Lighting Technicians
    • MODE: Standard Hybrid mode, allows Kelvin adjustment
    • ALT MODE: Low mode, reduces the output by 2 F-Stops (25%); 2-Channel mode, allows independent control of 2
    • separate single color circuits, adapter included; Overdrive mode, provides the absolute maximum output

    Rear Panel Connectors:

    • 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel input connector and a
    • PH3 output connector.


  • Kit Contense:

    • LitePad 3” Circle HO+ Daylight
    • LitePad Axiom 3x6 Daylight
    • LitePad Axiom 6x6 Daylight
    • 1 amp Transformers
    • 3x6 Eggcrate
    • 6x6 Eggcrate
    • 1/4-20 Axiom Brackets
    • LitePad Snake Arm
    • LitePad Cold Shoe Adapter
    • Swatchbook Cinegel

    LitePad HO+ is a slim profile, edge-lit LED light source. At only 1/3" (a third of an inch) thick, LitePad HO+ is able to fit in places where conventional light sources will not. LitePad HO+ produces a soft quality of light that is easy on the eyes and runs at cool temperatures. Available in eight standard sizes, LitePad HO+ has LEDs on all four sides of the perimeter for maximum brightness. An interior connector provides a solid power connection directly on the LitePad itself. Available in both daylight and tungsten color temperatures, LitePad HO+ can fit a wide variety of applications.

    LitePad Axiom® is a revolutionary LED light from Rosco specifically designed for filmmakers, videographers and still photographers.

    Its steel and aluminum housing is designed not only to protect the light source, but to make a variety of mounting solutions quick and easy. The back of the housing has a universal mounting system allowing the LitePad Axiom® to be affixed with brackets to C-Stands or mounted with Velcro, rubber bands or other conventional methods. The housing includes a gel slot for adding Roscolux or Cinegel color or diffusion.

    An interior connection in the LitePad unit assures secure electrical connection. The slim profile, low heat and power consumption and outstanding quality of light make LitePad Axiom® an excellent choice for professionals everywhere.


    Rugged Design

    LitePad Axiom®'s housing is constructed from steel and aluminum making it the strongest, most durable LitePad available. The metal housing also allows for the attachment of different mounting hardware and filters directly to the LitePad. Inside of every LitePad Axiom® is a LitePad HO+, which means you get all of the benefits of the HO+ product line.

    Versatile Mounting

    With LitePad Axioms® quick-release mounting system, it is now possible to change out the mounting option in just a few seconds. Whether it is a 1/4-20 bolt, a baby pin or even a wall plate, it only takes a moment for a solid connection.

    Interior Connector

    LitePads new interior connector eliminates the traditional wire, which had the potential to be pulled out during use. Based on user feedback, this feature was introduced to make the LitePad more rugged and easier to use.


    Dimensions & Weights


      Width Length Depth Weight
    3" Circle 3.0" 3.0" 0.37" 0.10 lbs.
    3" x 6" 3.37" 6.22" 0.64" 0.80 lbs.
    6" x 6" 6.25" 6.30" 0.64" 1.45 lbs.


    Light Output


      Units 12" 18" 24" 36" 48"
    3" Circle FC 21 9 5.3 2.5 1.5
      LUX 230 100 57 26 16
    3" x 6" FC 50 23 13 6 3.5
      LUX 520 240 140 65 37
    6" x 6" FC 70 34 18 8.5 5
      LUX 740 370 200 90 53


    Power Consumption


      Wattage Amps
    3" Circle 4.5 0.38
    3" x 6"  8.25 0.69
    6" x 6" 11.25 0.94





    Color Temperature (Approximate): Daylight: 5800°K


    Lamp Life: 60,000 hrs


    Operating Temperature: -30°C - +85°C


    Power: 12V DC Input