BodyRig - Body mounted camera system


Product Overview:

Body mounted camera system, fits around the waist with an adjustable pole that can rotate 360 degreed on its mount and can be adjusted in length. This enables a camera (up to DSLR size) to be mounted to film above or below the waist, on the front or back of the body. This can give you POV filming, reverse POV (looking back at the face), 3rd person over the sholder view, filming legs or feet, etc.


To enhance the stability of the camera pole (and let it support heavier camera's) the design includes a set of stabiliser straps.; these work like the stays on a sailboat. On the straight pole there is a clamp that can be adjusted in height and that has 2 straps with quick releases. These quick releases are connected to straps that are fixed to the backplate. Once the camera pole is in the right position you connect the quick releases and tighten the straps to the max. This setup allows you to set the pole at any angle and still tighten the straps for max stability (and quickly remove the pole if needed).


Can be used for various sports and for professional filmmaking:
The possibility to reverse the belt (with the pole in front) makes this an ideal lightweight 'Snorricam' so that you can film yourself from the front without the use of a cameraman.
The belt has been designed to fit (almost) everyone that has a jeans size between 28 and 35 and can even be used with ski or motor jackets.

The pole consist of 2 parts:
*The 1st straight part that connects to the baseplate with the unique locking/release mechanism. This mechanism lets you place the pole in any angle or rotation, to give the most options in placing your camera.
*The 2nd part that has a 40 degree angle (so the camera will not just be filming the pole, but you) and help you set up many different angles.