Nikon (Nikkor) 20mm F3.5 AI-s


Product Overview:

  • Focal length/Aperture: 20mm f/3.5
  • Lens construction: 11 elements in 8 groups
  • Picture angle: 94°
  • Diaphragm: Automatic
  • Aperture scale: f/3.5 ~ f/22 on both standard and aperture-direct-readout scales
  • Exposure measurement: Via Full aperture method; meter coupling ridge provided for AI cameras and meter coupling shoe for non-AI cameras
  • Distance scale: Graduated in meters and feet from 0.3m (1ft.) to infinity (OO)
  • Weight: 235 g
  • Dimensions: 83mm dia. x 50mm long (overall): 40.5mm extension from lens flange
  • Filters: 52mm front screw-in
  • Lens Cap: Front lens cap Snap-on
  • Hoods: Lens hood HK-6 slip-on type


Its highly corrected optical system was specially formulated to tame coma aberration, a common abberation once considered inevitable in wideangle lenses of retrofocus design. Its optical behavor makes this lens particular suited for scenic, architectural, and interior photography. Although this lens has not been equipped with an CRC system for optimizing its close focusing performance, but this 20mm lens can also a superb lens for closeups. When used it in conjunction with bellows and BR-2/3 reverse adpter ring, it is possible to reach an astonishing magnification up to 12X with this tiny sized Nikkor ultrawide.