• 4-channel sequential fast-charger for a broad range of batteries
  • All-chemistry: Li-Ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd
  • Range: 4.8V to 14.8V, 1Ah to 10Ah
  • 4 x PAGlok Connectors
  • 4 x PP90 sockets for connection of charge adaptors
  • PAG ACS microcomputer-controlled charging
  • Auto-Charge Rate Selection
  • Discharge Program
  • Recovery Charge Program
  • Li-Ion Battery Recovery
  • Forward compatible via chip-update kits
  • 82 x 168 x 240mm / 1.23kg

Using a PAG charger to charge and manage your PAG batteries is the best way to achieve the maximum possible cycle life.

The AR124PLD is a 4-channel all-chemistry sequential charger for all PAGlok batteries.

PAG V-Mount batteries can be charged via the front PP90 sockets and charge adaptor Model 9617. Other battery types, such as Sony V-Mount, Anton-Bauer and NP1 can also be charged using the appropriate charge adaptor, available from PAG.

The Auto Charge rate Selection feature provides the easiest and most efficient way of managing batteries that vary in terms of cell chemistry, voltage and capacity. The program detects the battery’s cell chemistry, state-of-charge, capacity and condition, and then applies the correct regime to achieve a fully charged battery with the maximum capacity and cycle life. The charge rate can also be manually set at 2A, 3A or 4A.

A Li-Ion battery recovery feature is included, to recover Li-Ion batteries if their cut-out has been tripped.

A Recovery Charge Program regains capacity lost during periods of extended storage.

The AR124PLD incorporates PAG’s analytic Charge/Discharge program, which ‘repairs’ batteries that have been repeatedly subjected to partial discharging. The program measures and displays battery capacity.

The large backlit LCD screen shows the battery status throughout the charging process.