PAG - Power Plate (2 x PAGlok L95 to V-Mount)


Product Overview:

  • Combines the capacities of two PAGlok batteries (L95/L96)
  • Ideal for high-load applications or extended run-time
  • Achieve a high-capacity Li-Ion power source that has no air transport restrictions
  • For camera fitted with Sony V-Mount
  • 215 x 132 x 40mm / 0.42kg


A dual battery mount that provides combined battery capacity for longer run-times and a higher current draw capability.

Using two L96 batteries in parallel provides a capacity of 192 watt-hours and allows up to 10A to be drawn.

The Power Plate is ideal for power-hungry high-definition cameras, or for powering a camera and on-board light simultaneously for extended periods.

This model adapts your V-Mount for use with PAGlok batteries.

A single Li-Ion battery that has a capacity equal to two L96 batteries (192 watt-hours) cannot be transported by passenger aircraft. Combining the capacities of two 96 watt-hour batteries gives you a high-capacity or high-load Li-Ion power source that you can fly with to any location.