CreoKinetics specialise in providing innovative and efficient solutions to many unusual or complex media projects. With a strong background in electromechanical design and manufacture, we have a wealth of experience in camera operating from some of the biggest and best television programmes and commercials.

In the ever-changing and evolving world of media technology, producers are more and more reliant upon specialist cameras on productions. For example, on-board cameras (vehicle or person-mounted), miniature, covert, night-vision, thermal imaging, high-speed (slow motion) etc.

There are, however, many challenges in this field which are, often only overcome by experience and engineering knowledge. This is where our company comes in, with access to a huge team of multi-disciplined operators and experts in all aspects of specialised filming work.


Freelance Services

Finding the right crew for your production is our business. They can all be found here, freeing up your precious time.

  • Vehicle-based camera systems
  • Specialised grip and rigging
  • Advanced lighting


Wet Hire Services

Some of our specialist equipment, for various reasons, can only be hired with an operator. Where possible operator training can be provided as an option, but timescales, safety considerations and availability often make this unworkable. It is always recommended that our team is used in these situations. No matter how good the equipment, in inexperienced hands it can be difficult to achieve its full potential.

  • UAV/Drone aerial camera systems
  • Multi-channel on-board camera systems Dry Hire Services More basic and off-the-shelf solutions can be dry hired
  • DSLR Cameras
  • Audio recorders
  • Lighting


Team Collaboration

As well as our own team, we have built relationships with some of the most gifted individuals and companies in broadcasting and film, offering relevant and complementary services.

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